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Discussion on digital taxation: Taking stock of the work of the OECD

The digitalisation of the economy and society is leading to calls for a reform of the corporate tax system in order to support growth and generate revenues, by realigning taxing rights with the value creation in the digital economy and setting a minimum level of effective taxation of business profits.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is working on developing a global solution by proposing a two-pillar system: Pillar 1 (unified approach) would establish a new nexus and reallocate taxing rights thus reviewing the current profit allocation and business location-taxation rules, whereas Pillar 2 (GloBE) would ensure a minimum level of taxation thus mitigating the risks from the practices of profit-shifting to jurisdictions where they can be subjected to nominal, or no, taxation. The detailed blueprints of the two pillars were presented at the October G20/OECD Inclusive Framework plenary meeting and will be under public consultation until December 2020. The target date for the conclusion of an agreement has thus been postponed by the OECD to mid-2021.

This webinar will take stock of the OECD discussions.

These global discussions will also determine the next steps of EU corporate tax policy. In absence of a global agreement by mid-2021, the European Commission will propose its own solution for digital taxation.

This webinar will explore the challenges inherent to an EU proposal for digital taxation. Special focus will be given to questions around (i) the legal framework for such proposal and (ii) its cross-border application in the Single Market. The discussion will also touch upon potential carve outs or exemptions.

The event is finished.


05 Nov 2020


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Constantine Arvanitis


Constantine Arvanitis


Other Organizers

Nickolas Reinhardt
Nickolas Reinhardt



  • Benjamin Angel
    Benjamin Angel
    Director for direct taxation and tax cooperation, DG TAXUD, European Commission

    Benjamin Angel has joined the Commission in 1994. His experience mixes posts in the cabinet of the Commissioners for economic and monetary affairs (Yves-Thibault de Silguy Pedro Solbes and Joaquin Almunia) with positions in DG ECFIN and TAXUD.

    As Head of Unit, he notably piloted the drafting and negotiated the creation of the various European sovereign firewalls (ESM, EFSM, EFSF, revised BoP) and of a macro-prudential supervision (ESRB). He was directly involved in the preparation of most texts establishing a European Banking union (single supervisory mechanism, single resolution mechanism…) and in the design of the banking programmes for the countries under financial assistance. As Director, he was notably in charge of the preparation and launch of the Juncker Plan, of the relations with IFIs (EBRD, EIB…) and has sat as Commission representative in a number of boards (EIF, Marguerite, EEEF…). He was in charge of the financial market activity of the Commission (EUR60bn of borrowing and lending, EUR13bn of direct asset management). He was also in 2019 on top of his Directorate acting Director in charge of the economic and fiscal surveillance of 11 Member States.

    He is currently Director for ‘direct taxation, tax coordination, economic analysis and evaluation’ and acting Director for ‘indirect taxation and tax administration’.

    He is graduated from HEC Paris (specialization in business and finance), Sciences-Po Paris (specialization in economics and public affairs) and has a master in political science and a PhD in law.

  • William H. Morris
    William H. Morris
    Deputy Global Tax Policy Leader, PwC, U.S. and Chair of the AmCham EU Tax Committee in Brussels

    Will Morris is currently PwC’s Deputy Global Tax Policy
    Leader, based in Washington and London. In 2017 he moved
    to PwC after 17 years at General Electric. At GE, Will directed
    GE’s Global Tax Policy Program, helping to shape GE’s
    responses to changes at both national and international levels.

    From 1995-1997 Will worked at the IRS, and from 1997-2000
    worked in the Office of Tax Policy at the U.S. Treasury, where
    he was Associate International Tax Counsel. At Treasury his
    areas of responsibility included subpart F, foreign
    partnerships and other fiscally-transparent entities, as well as
    entity classification issues (“check-the- box”).

    Will was appointed Chair of the BIAC Tax Committee
    (Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD) in
    Paris in November 2012. As BIAC Tax Committee Chair, Will
    has been closely involved in all aspects of the BEPS project,
    including follow-up and implementation, participating in
    public OECD consultations, coordinating and filing comments
    on behalf of business, and meeting with many formal and
    informal OECD groupings as well as national governments.
    He is now also closely involved with the project on the
    taxation of the digitalizing economy.

    He is also Chair of the AmCham EU Tax Committee in
    Brussels, and was Chair of the Confederation of British
    Industry (CBI) Tax Committee in London from 2010-16. He is
    a Vice-Chair of the United States Council for International
    Business (USCIB) Tax Committee in Washington, DC.
    Additionally, he chairs the European Tax Policy Forum, a
    registered UK charity that since 2005 has commissioned over
    40 papers from leading academic economists on business tax

    From 2011-2017, Will co-chaired the HMRC Business Tax
    Forum in the UK with the Director General of Business Tax.
    He was a member of the EU’s Platform for Tax Good
    Governance from 2013-20. He also is a Member of the
    Advisory Board of Tax Inspectors Without Borders, and a
    member of the OECD’s Informal Task Force on Tax and

    Education and Credentials:
    ● History – Trinity College, Cambridge
    ● Law – University of Virginia, School of Law
    ● Theology – St. Mellitus College
    ● Qualified as a U.S. attorney and English solicitor